Seamus Connolly — Ireland’s Leading Portrait Sculptor

John B. Keane was born in Listowel, Co Kerry in 1928. Playwright, poet, fiction and short story writer He published forty-six works, but is best known for his plays which inlcude Sive; Sharon’s Grave; The Man from Clare; The Year of the Hiker; The Field (which was adapted as a film of the same name);He lived in Listowel, Co Kerry, and died in May 2002. Here you can see Séamus making the statue from begining to the unveiling in May 2007

ForListowel, Co. Kerry

Seamus will continue to work on the statue for a further 3 weeks before he starts moulding

this is about 2 months into the statue only 4 months left,

seamus working hard into the night.

The bronze is cast in several pieces and then welded together.

John B. Keane Listowel, Co Kerry

John B.Keane.